Make Your Own 3D Printer !


The popularity and awareness of 3D Printing is exploding. It is breaking down barriers in design and manufacturing, and making what was previously impossible, possible for anyone with just a basic understanding of the technology. Yes now we can make any Solid objects by just a device connected to our computer.

The Course:

“Make your Own 3D Printer” is a course exclusively for beginners who want to get complete knowledge on 3D Printing with hands on experiences and gain exposure to the every main facets of 3D Printing including 3D Modelling, 3D Scanning and 3D Slicing and making their Own 3D Printer by understanding the complete technology behind it.  

Who must Attend?

  • Engineering Students from all branches, Architectural Students,
    Tech loving School students and Enthusiasts.
  • Product Designers, Engineers, Architects, Teachers,
    Research People, Industrialists & Entrepreneurial minds.



It is 20 Hour Course with two major Division: Designer Level & Maker Level
Kindly go through the detailed agenda attached below.

[ 1. Designer Level || 12 Hour ]

 cubifycube2 1.1: Discovering 3D Printing – 2 Hour

  • History of 3D Printing
  • The Next generation Technology-why?
  • The 3D Printing Process
  • Types & Technologies of 3D Printing
  • Materials used in 3D Printing
  • Components and Specifications
  • Current Applications & Future
1.2: Design / 3D Modelling- 6 Hour

  • Complete Knowledge on 3D Modelling
    [Google Sketchup/Tinkercad/123D Design/ Creo] – Hands on.
  • Changing Designs into 3D Printable files as .stl or .obj.
 sense2_hero_techspecs 1.3: 3D Scanning – 1 Hour

  • Working on 3D Scan Software
  • Product Scanning & Human Scanning
  • Live Demo on 3D Scanning
  • Scanning Yourself
1.4: 3D Slicing- 1 Hour

  • Working on Slicing- Hands on
  • Slicing the 3D file into g codes
  • Assigning parameters before print
  • How to get better print?
  • Support Material generation
1.5: Working on 3D Printers- 2 Hour

  • Understanding the Mechanism
  • Operating all 3D Printer commands
  • Bed Calibration Practices
  • Nozzle Block Removal Practices
  • 5 Hours of Free Print- DIY

[ 2. Maker Level || 8 Hour ]

 71XPO5FAWeL._SL1000_.jpg 2.1: Components Discovery – 2 Hour

A FDM Reprap 3D Printer Kit worth Rs. 20,000 will be provided, 3D Printer Specifications are 200mm*200mm*200mm
Build Volume, Single Extruder, Touch Screen, with Heated Bed, Supports, PLA, ABS, Metal, Wood, Pet G, Elastic, Flexible, Etc,

Detailed Study on Individual electronics and mechanical components,

2.2: Assembly- 4 Hour

  • The Wait is Over.
  • Assemble your own 3D Printer.
  • Understanding & Executing step by step.
  • Changing multiple filament colors & types such as hobby & Industrial Filaments
  • Adding Heated Bed
  • Making your first Print.
2.3: Good Bye Session- 2 Hour

  • Pack your 3D Printer
  • Grab your 5 Hour Free Print
  • Grab your Free Filaments
  • Grab your Certificate & Materials
  • Buhbyeee & Cheers !

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