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The popularity and awareness of 3D Printing is exploding. It is breaking down barriers in design and manufacturing, and making what was previously impossible, possible for anyone with just a basic understanding of the technology. Yes now we can make any Solid objects by just a device connected to our computer.

The Workshop:

The 3D Printing Workshop is a one day event exclusively for beginners who want to get complete knowledge on 3D Printing with hands on experiences and gain exposure to the every main facets of 3D Printing including 3D Modelling, 3D Scanning and 3D Slicing.

Who must Attend?

  • Engineering Students from all branches, Architectural Students, Tech loving School students and Enthusiasts.
  • Product Designers, Engineers, Architects, Teachers,
    Research People, Industrialists & Entrepreneurial minds.


It is Single day Event for about 4 Hour with three major Division. 4 Hour is excluding the coffee break. Kindly go through the detailed agenda attached below.

[One Day Exclusive 3D Printing Workshop || 4 Hour]

cubifycube2 1: Discovering 3D Printing
– 1.5 Hour

  • History of 3D Printing
  • The Next generation Technology-why?
  • The 3D Printing Process
  • Types & Technologies of 3D Printing
  • Materials used in 3D Printing
  • Components and Specifications
  • Current Applications & Future
2. 1: Design / 3D Modelling- 1Hour

  • Complete Knowledge on 3D Modelling
    [Google Sketchup/Tinkercad/123D Design] – Hands on.
  • Changing Designs into 3D Printable files as .stl or .obj.
sense2_hero_techspecs 2.2: 3D Scanning -15 Minutes

  • Product Scanning & Human Scanning
  • Live Demo on 3D Scanning
3.1: 3D Slicing- 1 Hour

  • Working on Slicing- Hands on
  • Slicing the 3D file into g codes
  • Assigning parameters before print
  • How to get better print?
  • Support Material generation
image 3.2:  Discussion & Thanks
– 15 Minutes

  • Answering in detail for all queries.
  • Current Applications of 3D Printing in R&D, Manufacturing, Medical etc..
  • How 3D Printing can revolutionize every fields in coming days.
  • Watching the Live Print and exploring 3D Printed Products.

What Should I Bring?

– Notepad and a Pen
– Laptop (windows or mac) and charger with a mouse compulsory

What you get?

– Softwares and Materials will be Provided by us during workshop.
– 1 Hour Free Print.
– Certificates will be provided on successful completion of the workshop.

Request a 3D Printing Workshop

If our upcoming events does not suit your convenient date or if you are from different city, Submit Your Information, to request a 3D Printing Workshop Session specially for you or your group (Institutions/corporate)


For Bookings & Further queries,

                3d-1 Maker Global 3D Team

Email : Info@makerglobal.in
Mobile : +91- 8686090309

Website : www.makerglobal.in
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